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Discover the Power of Freight Brokering for Financial Stability and Family Prosperity!

Venturing into the world of Freight Brokering has proven to be the best choice I've ever made. When I left the Island and moved to the United States, I was uncertain about my future direction. Despite working long hours in different jobs, I took a brave step into a new career. To my surprise, in a short amount of time, I not only ensured my own financial stability but also paved a reliable path for my family
- Satila

Empower Your Journey to Success

Freight King University has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I can't thank them enough. Their guidance, coaching, and comprehensive course not only helped me secure a high-paying client but also transformed my entire life.

Before joining, I was navigating the freight industry with uncertainty. However, their course armed me with the exact knowledge I needed to succeed. With newfound confidence, I connected with lucrative clients that have had a profound impact on my income and future prospects.

This goes beyond finances – it's about empowerment. Thanks to Freight King University, I'm standing at the brink of a future brimming with possibilities. If you're ready for a transformation, I strongly recommend embracing what Freight King University has to offer. Your success story could be the next one they help create. 
- Julio

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I took's freight broker education course and was extremely pleased with the comprehensive curriculum. It was easy to understand and the instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a freight broker!
- Emily

Risk Free ● Money Back Guarentee

Freight King University Gives
You Everything You Need To Succeed
In The Freight Industry.

Plus Extras To Ensure A Competitive Advantage!

Free Clients

We provide a direct connection to our vast network of shipping clients, ensuring swift deal closures.

Software Discounts

Our course comes with access to special offers from leading software providers valued at over $999.

Private Community

Gain access to our thriving community of brokers learning to make money, and sharing how you can too.

Insider Knowledge

Learn the industry secrets freight brokers use to make tens of thousands
of dollars each month.

Communication Skills

Learn to effectively communicate with clients and partners to understand their needs and provide solutions.

Market Research

Dive deep into the market trends and opportunities, to get tailored solutions that keep you ahead.

Negotiation Skills

Hone your negotiation abilities to secure favorable rates and terms with shippers and carriers.

Technology Training

Master the software tools used by freight brokers every day for load acquisition and digital documentation.

Customer Service

Experience personalized, top-tier customer Service that makes you feel valued and supported throughout our partnership.


When challenges arise, our proactive approach and quick problem-solving skills will keep your freight moving without any interruptions.

Time Management

Efficiently manage your shipments, freeing up your valuable time to focus on other essential aspects of your business.


No matter the unexcepted hurdles, I'll adapt swiftly to find alternative solutions, ensuring your cargo reaches it's destination without delays


Extensive industry connections mean that you gain access to valuable insights, resources, and opportunities that others may miss.

Continous Learning

Rest assured that you will stay informed about the latest industry trends, ensuring you benefit from cutting-edge practices and innovations


Count on my unwavering professionalism, as I treat your business as our own, fostering a trustworthy and partnership.


My relentless pursuit of excellence means that we will go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results for your freight needs, no matter the challenges we face.

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"100% Money-Back Guarantee: Your Success is Our Priority. If you're not completely satisfied with your experience at Freight King University, we'll refund your investment, no questions asked."

- Brandon Thompson

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is freight brokering, and how does it differ from freight forwarding or shipping?

Freight brokering involves acting as an intermediary between shippers (companies needing to transport goods) and carriers (trucking companies or other transportation providers). Brokers do not own the transportation assets but connect the shippers with the appropriate carriers to move the goods. Freight forwarding, on the other hand, involves managing the entire logistics process, including documentation and transportation, and assumes responsibility for the shipment from origin to destination.

How do I become a freight broker, and what are the necessary steps and requirements?

To become a freight broker in the United States, you typically need to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), obtain a USDOT number, and acquire a Broker Authority. You must also provide a surety bond or trust fund agreement. Additionally, some states may have additional requirements, such as a state-specific broker license.

What are the key responsibilities of a freight broker, and how do they facilitate the transportation process?

Freight brokers are responsible for matching shippers with suitable carriers, negotiating freight rates, handling necessary documentation, and tracking shipments. They act as a crucial link in the supply chain, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of goods.

How do freight brokers find and negotiate with carriers to transport goods?

Freight brokers use a variety of methods to find carriers, including online load boards, carrier databases, networking, and establishing relationships with reputable carriers. Negotiations typically involve discussions about rates, payment terms, and shipment details.

What are the primary challenges faced by freight brokers, and how can they overcome them?

Some challenges include finding reliable carriers, fluctuating freight rates, and managing tight timelines. Freight brokers can overcome these challenges by building strong carrier networks, staying updated on market trends, and maintaining excellent communication with all parties involved.

How do freight brokers determine the appropriate freight rates for different shipments?

Freight brokers consider various factors, such as distance, shipment weight, type of goods, market demand, and prevailing fuel costs, to determine appropriate freight rates.

What strategies can new freight brokers employ to build their customer base and establish successful partnerships in the industry?

New freight brokers can start by networking with shippers and carriers, offering competitive rates, providing excellent customer service, and focusing on building trust and reliability in the industry. Participating in industry events and leveraging online platforms can also help gain visibility and establish partnerships.

What are the advantages of using a freight broker over arranging shipments directly with carriers?

Freight brokers offer several advantages, including access to a wider network of carriers, negotiating better rates due to their volume of shipments, handling shipping paperwork and documentation, and providing valuable expertise in logistics and transportation management.

s freight brokering a viable business option for individuals without prior experience in the transportation industry?

Yes, freight brokering can be a viable business option for individuals without prior experience in transportation. While industry knowledge can be beneficial, many successful brokers start without direct transportation experience. A combination of determination, networking, and learning the necessary skills can lead to a successful freight brokering business.




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Welcome to Freight King University, we're glad you found us. We have one goal here; to allow hard working eager individuals like YOU a chance to build the life they've always dreamed of. 

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Let's face it,

There are literally thousands of career options in the world. Some offer great hours and benefits, but little flexibility. Other's offer great flexibility and require little experience 

  • Pays big... Most skilled Freight Brokers make upwards of $250k.
  • Is Flexible... Freight Brokers can work from anywhere in the world and some work only 4 days a week.
  • Requires No Experience... Going from zero experience and a $0.00 income to making over $100k/yr usually takes 6 years or more. Our students do it in less than 1 year.
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Take our crash course completely free.

Find out if Freight Brokering is right for you completely free. Learn the basics of Freight Brokering and how it all works.

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